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the ocean
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The comings and goings of a hard working kiwi whose just moved home

February 22, 2011

the Packers

the weather today was crap, I shoveled last night about 5 inches , and went to bed I woke up this morning with blowing snow and another 8 inches blocking the driveway. today is a public holiday so i had a leisure hour to shovel again, i was just sitting down thinking they were snowed in. it was a bitch out there. windy as all hell . they showed up. sorted out everything. and packed all my stuff in 2 hours flat. that included loading the truck. 1 create 1 couch 4 chairs and 2 boxes. paying by 100 lb. it looks like roughly 1400. lbs so cheaper than i thought. YEAH! Yes everything is well packed.
I get to go in tomorrow and finish paperwork and insurance.
I will upload some photos to show you the crappy weather it was to day
sold my computer desk, so now its only the small electrics to get ride of. nobody wanted my boot warmer. so that Ok.. i will use it a bit longer.
food- now- dinner...,.
do i have a plate?

February 20, 2011

Garage sale

Garage sale 310 Dunbar Ave
I am now 1 hour and a bit into a garage sale, i have never had one before, din't know if my signs were going to work. wow people drive by and want to be nosy. that works for me, from 9 45 i have a $100
people are garage sale staved this time of year. my old non digital tv $20.
this morning I was stapling, balloons to the signs and caught my finger. ouch. looking for band aids but they are packed somewhere... a tissue worked.
who wants my computer desk?

February 18, 2011

The Foam

I sold the bed and the dresser today, and another spare bed that I 've had from an ex room mate. so this means I am making progress. talked the guy who bought the bed and dresser into buying my weed eater, and a friend inquired about my car. My house is a mess and i need to sell the computer desk
but I am not complaining really.
tonight I get to sleep on the foam single mattress on the floor. i need to pack!
but chatting with friends is important too.

Making decisions shouldn't be this difficult. taking the cushions off the dining room chairs, they are old I can buy them cheaper, why did I put them in a box? . they are old. nope I can give them away.

February 12, 2011


where is the packing tape , wheres the black sharpie??? what the hell is in this box?

the fun of packing. I got quite a bit done this evening, the only cloths hanging in the closet are 20 coat hangers and they are all going on the plane not the container. the old bathroom is clear. and the important paperwork box is down to something 3 inches wide. i thought i was good at not keeping stuff, but when it comes to paperwork , i just work in accounting and you keep everything. I picked up medical records this week. they go on the plane. I have a whole bunch of stuff i get to take into work on Monday and shred.
Some friends are going to pick up some stuff tomorrow.
I don't mind packing for some reason. its unpacking that I hate.
some of my tools are packed , I hope I am not packing those too soon....

February 11, 2011


Its been a busy week now. The home inspections came in on Saturday, Yes there is electrical work to do. AK Electricial came over Tuesday morning to move the breaker box from behind the boiler. I checked on them at lunch time and everything was good.
but by the time i got home at 5 ish they had knocked 2 of the pipes form the boiler which turned into a fountain of water. ummmm . They turned everything off and called a plumber , who bill out at $125.00 an hour. 2 nice copper manifolds later all is well. but hen guess who gets to pay the bill. Yes the manifolds were old , but I didn't bump them and they weren't on my home inspections to be replaced just soldered. I am not the most happy at the cash i have to out lay here. that wasn't my fault.
the Electricians spent 2 days-( 16 hours of billable time) finishing correcting the open grounds and reverse wiring in my system and grounding it. (a 6 foot pole into frozen ground) it was slow and fiddly. I haven't got the invoice yet. that will be the fun time for tomorrow.
today was the appraisal,( or valuation) the bill for that is just part of my closing costs. so that is not so bad.
somewhere this weekend I get to take some copper to the recycle place to sell it. i have nearly 5 lbs.
the weekend will be just packing and selling stuff.
Life carries on in a good direction.

February 8, 2011

Selling stuff

well I week has gone by, Contract. Home inspection was last Wednesday. Got the results on Saturday, not to bad considering the age of my house. yes there is electrical work to do. yes it is way more than what I can do, so today I hunt for electricians that do residential work. after 6 or 7 phone calls, I found someone. they were going to consult there schedule. and were supposed to call me back this evening. ( they haven't so I wont mention their name just yet.)
the appraisal will be this Friday. so everything is just booking along in an awful hurry.
The buyer was trying to be smart and renegotiate the price, but my agent and i decided to stand firm. Not sure what this electrical stuff is going to cost. Everyone needs to Cross their fingers for a good appraisal, and hopefully my bathroom with pay off.
then I need to fix the leak in the boiler, but my friend who looks after my furnace will do that in a jiffy.
oh and packing... yeah.... how much stuff do I want , I am hoping the packers can make it on the 21 , but the lady I talk to is on vacation till the 14 ...
I think I have sold my bbq set and the sewing machine. someone wants the bed downstairs. The moving sale needs to be the 19th
that leaves me 3 days to clean and do dump runs before closing and finish packing on the 28th .
Keys and money on the the first...
dancing ummmmm
swimming ummmmm.... we shall see.

February 3, 2011

more flowers

I looked at my blog and iInoticed something missing. another post about my flowers. these guys grw fast and they have cool colours this was the little one. the other one didnt quite have anough sunshine and didnt last long. the buld at safeway said this was white... well sort of. but its really pretty anyway. ther is more light now so i shouldnt have any problems. the sun was back in the house the other day.
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February 1, 2011


I am now under contract to sell my house. life is wonderful. I had a offer late Saturday Afternnoon and spent most of today with counter offers, agreement was reached.
so now I get to plot and plan my way to move home . New Zealand. it will be nearly winter to winter , but that is ok. tonight I set down and make lists. can I do it in 10 weeks ?moving and job hunting.
watch this space....
and if you don't think i am excited think again.