the ocean

the ocean
Paraparaumu beach

The comings and goings of a hard working kiwi whose just moved home

June 20, 2013


Today in Cairns I went to  Kuranda the tourist town at the top of the rain forest. interesting rain forest,  and way cool to zoom over the tops of it in the gondola.
 The trip up, the train was built in 1884  with pick and shovel
. There is more information  on the train on the way up . but there are a couple of informative stops on the way down in the sky train.  if you are afraid of heights think twice on this. doing both was definitely the way to go.

May 18, 2013

Cheese making

At long last cheese making class was today . Feta needs a culture . Mozzarella doesn't . Kits you can buy. The temperature is critical , after that it just time . In an hour curds form but draining stuff and salting it takes time. It's smells so good. This here is going to be Ferrari cheese by tomorrow . It needs designing for 5 hours then salting 

April 21, 2013

Sunsets from the house

 have  i told you about the sunsets form the house, i can take photos form sitting on the couch, so over the summer i have

taken quite a few, here are a selection of the best ones

 there will be more over the winter , if its fine one weeekends, right now its getting dark when i get home 6 pm

March 12, 2013

New Carpet

new Carpet , first you get to see the old one , that's the old white crappy lumpy stuff. Then you get to see the  the nice new Blue green stuff that i  got , it shows up my couches  so much better,  its not lumpy. the old stuff had  old yellow underlay so it was original, from 1987. 
 the lumps down the hallway that drove me crazy was only sand in little piles. The carpet Mill did a nice job 1 guy  8 hours and another to help for 1. 5 hours .  I am waiting on some mats to be made.   and I guess I ought to pay the bill soon, maybe tomorrow .
 anyway the short story is I have new CARPET.  its sooo much better than the old stuff.

January 19, 2013


After 4 months , I have finally finished indulging underneath the house. 2 inches( 60 mm) of polystyrene . We ran out of foam in the gaps , but that is a minor project for next weekend. I started this back in sept, but heart my back , then did some more in oct, and kinda did my back again.
Today I got a student to help. It's amazing what 20 year olds can do. Tax free cash. He did all the fildley stuff around the pipes.
For now it's time to relax