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the ocean
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April 22, 2010

a Poster

I was starting some packing tonight and i found an old poster, it made me laugh.

15 Reasons why a dog is better than a man

Dogs do not have problems expressing affection in public.
Dogs miss you when you are gone
Dogs feel guilt when they've have done something wrong.
Dogs don't brag about whom they've slept with
Dogs don't criticize your friends.
Dogs admit when they are jealous.
Dogs don't feel threatened by your intelligence.
Dogs understand what "No" means.
You can house train a dog
Middle aged dogs don't feel the need to abandon you for a younger owner.
Dogs don't mind if you do all the driving. dogs don't step on the imaginary break.
Dogs admit when they are lost.
Dogs don't feel threatened if you earn more tan they do.
Dogs mean it when they kiss you

and then there is the picture of a really hunky looking guy, and cute dog.
( just my thought for the day)

April 15, 2010

New Kitchen Floor

You know the old kitchen floor was just looking a little old, so for the last 3 days and evenings ( well Sunday 6 hours Monday/ Tuesday evening 3 hours each). I slaved away doing the peel and stick. . I must admit I am very happy with all this. it looks like wood. way easier to put down then laminate. and it s just stunning, well for my opinion. I finished the last few pieces last night at 10 30

So here it is. please admire my new floor. including the photo of the some of the old one just to show you how crappy and 80 's looking it was.
with about 12 hours of work into it , i think its not too bad.
this evening i am resting some. Getting ready for the next project and and putting the kitchen back to something cleaner. next project is the vinyl for the basement which is at last , back in my house after a long story with home depot. lets see if I can cut a strait line again.

April 6, 2010

Rotten Ice

underneath the Wendel street bridge we have lots of old ice again, its been warm lately and the river is starting to melt. this is what rotten ice looks like, don't walk on it. Warm for us is 45 degrees for the last 10 days strait. its back down to 20 overnight.
there is open water here , just a little bit. its moving. All these were taken on , Sunday about 8 pm april 4
Down by the first Ave bridge there are a few poles from the start of the Yukon quest back in February. I saw someone go skiing on the river 2 days ago, but not something that i would do , even if i could ski.
We didn't get much snow this winter , so it has nearly all gone from my front south facing yard.
Walking along the river on 1st ave is interesting, the city has put up some signs about some of the Fairbanks history. I think this is readable. and I think quite interesting. Strait across the street from the Key bank building.
there will be more coming as the river changes over the next couple of weeks.
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April 1, 2010


Spring, ( yes spring does come to Alaska)
it's warm and dripping, if anyone wants to see the melting of the river this year, you need to let me know promptly cause its going to go fast this year. We didn't have much snow, thanks to the east cost.

I am done with my inside painting for now, until the weather warms up and I can do some outside.
now its back to fixing all the little things i never got to over the winter , that still need fixing.
my dishwasher is working well, except for where i didn't put enough tape on the pipe under the sink. a small project for this weekend.