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the ocean
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The comings and goings of a hard working kiwi whose just moved home

January 17, 2010

Car accident

a picture paints a thousand words.
so what can i say. i had a car accident this week. on Tuesday. a gent ran a red light. i hit my head on the visor and got a big bump. which turned into this first photo here on Wednesday below, with only one black eye

then i slept the wrong way and then i 2 black eyes , taken on friday.
the car totaled, tho i managed to drive it home about 4 blocks.
dealing with the the related problems has been my week.

January 2, 2010

More work on the house.

Oh you want to see what i have been up to on the house.
sure, i spent forever painting the closet here, getting the shelf was a bitch i have carpet down. Matt helped me get it from Home depot Christmas Eve. I have the light in , thanks to another Friend
Also got this vinyl cut and laid. ( that s alot of work those rolls are heavy) and going round that pole was a bitch my myself. I even got it all under the washing machine. its not glued yet.
I have decided today that the drawers clash with the vinyl so i have got them painted today with primer; a pain staking fiddly job. tomorrow they get the antique white treatment.
and to go round my wonderful windows from the summer I have some maple trim. Well pine that is stained to look like maple. Here is one stained and one not. a coat of varnish and they just need to be cut to get put up. i also have the Sheetrock holes nearly fixed with new sheet rock and 3 coats of mud.
and a whole lot of dust in my hair....
next I get to work on the steps they need to painted, but first the sanding, and sanding, and more dust in my hair. I bought a little wee sander today.
Tools are everything.
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christmas Day

christmas day i went up to Krista 's new house. she now up this road. som way cool trees and a lvely sunny day well sort of for this time of year.

This was taken today on my street and 1 pm . just to show you how high the sun rises
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Christmas Eve

Christmas eve I had Matt and Amy and kids come over, it was a way cool evening, Roast lamb and christmas presents, with charlotte runing arround like normal. here Charlotte is standing just like Amy does. ( 2 1/2 going on 20) we did some coloring and had fun.

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