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the ocean
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November 25, 2008


fairbanks 005, originally uploaded by capthonor.

well there are skills one needs to practice before you go on vacation, and puting photos where you want is one of the more immportant ones Tonight a friend told me you can blog from flickr.
it sounds cool to me, but you need to practice.
this this photo was taken last january one a wonderfull clear day.
and this is why i am going on vacation in january to Greece.
7 weeks and counting.

November 23, 2008

Yukon Quest Fund Raiser

Tonight i got to volunteer as the bar tender at the Yukon quest fund raiser, it was a Hawaiian luau. The a very reasonable band and some dancers from the pacific island dance group.
One of the woman had the most amazing hip isolation's, and i did a very good job of photographing her mid wiggle.
I thought the background was pretty cool to say the least.
and yes i found this cut guy to photograph me behind the bar on our background.
Anyway it was fun tonight

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November 16, 2008

Runing Water

Well there is still a small area of open water on the river, but what your definition of open water. there was a couple of tracks where someone has been on the river skiing and even a snow machine but fairly close to the edge , not out in the middle.
It's snowing again today, just lightly, and these days it is just no light after i am done work to even think about taking photos. We are 6 weeks form the shortest day.
and 8 weeks from my vacation!

November 11, 2008

Tango Lessons

Tonight was the second lesson of American tango.
what fun , i am actually getting the hang of this and my partner has good lead and we know each other well enough to have good time with it. you can even get to be quite slinky with it.
I have a friend who wanted to learn to Tango, we just don't live in the same state.
Saturday was the Fairbanks Symphony Ball at the Princess, it was fun. The dance floor always gets crowded fairly fast. but we had a good time. if only I had some photos of me that were reasonable dancing. but that is just not likely. it would be nice if I could find someone who likes to dance and is taller than me. who knows how to Tango.
Pictured Woody, Renner, Don, Holly, Janet, Sue. and in front Jan, Donna, and Scott

November 8, 2008

Vacation plans,

One step closer to vacation tonight. You may or may not know that the US dollar is getting stronger and the British pound is getting weaker. so i figured it was time to continue with the bookings of tickets.

I had to make a slight change in plan, I get get to just go to Greece, I couldn't get a ticket back out of Rome to London. so I get to fly in and out of Athens from London. i 've been to Italy so no big deal. I get longer to hang in Greece. where it s warmer. maybe i can swing that trip to Istanbul.

Anyway tickets were 82 pounds or $128.00 a the current exchange rate. it looks like a 3 hour flight so i guess i shouldn't complain.. it the same price as what I paid to get to Rome 4 years ago.

tickets to Athens January 13 and return to London on the 30th.

November 5, 2008

B & W Photos

We got to play with some black and white photos for once the other day. Nobody does B&W any more, and they can be kinda cool. Sometimes i don't smile and sometimes i do, but out the other photos are the interesting ones. I have the full size ones here for you nice large ones rather than 100 KB

another thing i thought to tell you is , as to the computer skills i am developing. I have been trying to get Quick books to function on my computer. quick books pro 2008 and windows Xp service pak 3 are incompatible. so last week i uninstalled sp3. didn't fix the problem. i discovered that .net framework 2.0 has large problems as well with QB's . the idea is to repair these things rather tan uninstall. neither of those options worked. So on Sunday i got to run the installation clean up utility. (Use this as last resort, written everywhere -yes scary) but it worked, I got net framework uninstalled and re downloaded. so now quick books works. Computer skills way beyond what i thought I were up to. and with not too much help from anyone else as well.
So here I am going to rest on my laurels and say "I rock"

November 2, 2008

Photo session 2

Well i haven't got the full size photos yet, from the photographer , but I just thought these photos were pretty cool. and thought i should share them, My favourite here.

There is a style of wearing these hats, that comes from, elderly scotish fisherman, the hat style just reminds me of my grandfather Fred. i guess i just caught his look

More freezing in Fairbanks

Saturday , another nice fine day, and cold, but armed with camera I went down the river again.
Rumor has it we are due to break the records for the coldest October on record. Not sure how long the records have been around. they say it is 20% colder than usual.. so considering my oil company filled my oil tank in July at $4.54 a gallon. i am not a very happy camper. but i don't control the weather.

Its kinda funny the way the ice freezes , and cracks. I wouldn't have thought that it would crack this time of year , i think the water currents may have something to do with all this

the river has frozen all the way over in some spots , but i don't see anybody walking on it yet. not even dogs.