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the ocean
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The comings and goings of a hard working kiwi whose just moved home

June 26, 2009

New Phone lines

I haven't been able to get online from home for a day or 2 .
I think it started Tuesday night. my modem didn't want to dial, i thought i would be smart and checked the house phone, no dial tone.... . Oops I called ACS on Wednesday morning they said to check the box outside for Dial tone. yes i had Dial tone outside.
They said the technician would come by on friday, except he called this morning. He came and looked and all my phone jacks and said they was a short somewhere in the walls of my house. so rather than tearing up the house looking for this said short, he put in 2 new phone jacks. in much better spots than where they were. And even thought to put a new box on the outside. yeah ACS.
he said the bill is only going to be for 1/2 an hour but .... i think it might be for more than that. i was away from work for 1 1/2 hours.
hay new phone wires all around faster Internet, so whose complaining.... not me.

Other stuff........ my garden grows apace, I have picked some silver beet ( arctic Chard) i think my peppers are not going to last I may even pull them out this weekend. they just don't look healthy.
I only have 5 nights waiting tables this week. i have Friday night off Yeah! only made $350 for the week a bit on the sad side. but 2 nights off in a row.
sleep or garden.... hell i can sleep when its dark.

June 14, 2009

Potash and Aphids

My garden grows apace as one would expect. I have lemon basil, parsley and mint. i picked some mint the other day. and the lemon basil is probably ready as well. not quite sure what to do with lemon basil, so maybe I'll give it away.
My sad story is that I found some aphids on the peppers. then I went out to the garden and saw a lady bug so picked him/ her up and pet her in the greenhouse. i actually found 2 , but what are the chances that I have a boy and a girl of breading age. not sure what i am going to do other wise.
I have a strawberry tucked in there too and i friend said to day that it looked OK , i thought it was a little sad looking.
my lawn is full of Dandelions!

The tomatoes still haven't got flowers but i did prune them the other and they are growing well. today i went o the local greenhouse and got some Potassium and put that around , hopefully this will help the tomatoes do a bit better this year. and maybe some more in august. the Ru barb round the other side is all looking good and i could probably pick some. and the wild raspberry's are flowering as is there want.
the cucumbers are doing really well with lots of flowers, since i didn't quite get the last of the clear stuff up their is lots of sports for the birds and bees to get in and do their thing. work still apace. but I only have 5 nights this week. more time for projects on Monday. ( or I could go dancing)

June 8, 2009

2 jobs

 yup it s that time of year when I don't have as much time . I get to work 14 hours  a day , and hopefully come home form  the second one $100 richer in tips. Yes i wait tables a theWedgewood again. My numbers are up this year, cash in hand .  last week was $500.   i have 6 nights again this week.
Which means Saturday is  my only project day.  
I always seem to have energy to water the greenhouse. and this evening i even managed to have time to get out the "weed be gone" cause i REA LY don't like dandelions in the front lawn. strong chemicals though. 
Yes i need to photograph the green house. i have girl flowers on the  cucumbers.
 I have my soil analysis back they say I may need a little lime and some potassium. nitrogen and the other one were high, thanks to the chicken shit from last year.    i will have to sort that out next weekend.
 the social life , where do i get to fit that in. ? well i got to go dancing  Saturday night. and for once in a long while , all the stars were aligned and there were more men than woman.  i danced my A.. off.  Life is wonderful.