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the ocean
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November 25, 2011

Work Conversation

  I guess I have been at work now long enough for people to start asking about live in Alaska, so I got bragging rights on the temps this week, ( thank guys for the cold weather ). and people are asking about the cultural differences between her and the states. apart from the language...
 what to say..
 American eat out way more frequently than they ought to, is this just a money thing.. ? no I think even those in NZ than can afford to don't .  once a week maybe.
American are germ a phobic, a few germs wont hurt you.. it is OK to go to work with a cold, take the tissues and drugs and go to work....
 Kiwis get 4 weeks vacation/ holiday a year.   so I am taking 2 weeks off at Christmas.due to all the public holidays  I only use 4 days of leave.
 liability law s in the states control what people do way more than Americans even realize. Every day in the train here 10 % of the people stand up before the train comes to a stop,  this would never happen in the states some one would tell you not to, cause you might fall over and hurt yourself and maybe sue the train company. here we have ACC . so our ability to sue is very limited. ( stand up in the train at your own risk...)
what do I miss about the Alaska .. ?
 The northern lights, why is it this year that the light are supposed to be rally good, . thank goodness for web cams.

November 9, 2011

new haircut

New haircut , it only been 4 months since I got a cut, that is pretty good for me. This haircut is one i actually like ... yeah... !!!
yes there is a little blow wave, but thats ok, and i even managed to get a decent photo. this came from' Glo 'just up the road... 110 Mana espalade. I will be going back ....
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