the ocean

the ocean
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The comings and goings of a hard working kiwi whose just moved home

June 20, 2012

A Week in Brisbane

I thought it was time for a holiday, work gets busy late June and July, so thought  i would cut and run , for some sun. i have a brother and sister in law in Brisbane,  as well as 2 nephews. Alex  and Damian.  Being 7 and 5 they kept me busy. They got to go to their first fair. which is actually funnier than  H,  cause they are not quite sure if a ride is going to be fun or scary.  Alex lost tooth number 2
Kerrie is pretty cool as well , except when i take Photos of her and she is not sure what I am up to. She homes schools them. We had a great week,  we made some macadamia nut  biscuits, and some fresh strawberry  jam. cause i really like making jam but the idea is not to eat too much of it.

We got a day to go to the Budrim ginger factory,  and bought lots of ginger:  marmalade, spread , crystallized ginger , a hot ginger drink, chocolate covered ginger. (you know how long that lasted ) and a hot chili with ginger sauce.  customs kinda laughed at me when I came back home.

some of the bird life is Aus. is quite colourful  these are one of the more common ones called rainbow lorrakets, pretty colours  but they can't sing, its more of a swalk. On the day that \I was walking along the beach  they decided to stop still long enough for me to take some photos. Beaches are lovely over here .  Yes the weather was warm and pleasant, 23  for the last 4 days . almost hot  actually. OK so maybe i am not quite as acclimatized as  I thought.
 it was just a lovey relaxing holiday , thank you Richard and Kerrie.  but  for  now its back to work.