the ocean

the ocean
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The comings and goings of a hard working kiwi whose just moved home

July 31, 2009

the alaskan Prayer

I was out in a bar the other night and I saw this sign behind the bar
"Please God grant me one more pipeline. We promise not to piss it away this time."

It just tickled my fancy, and I thought I would share it.

July 29, 2009

windows part 2

Matt safely put my window in Saturday afternoon, with the help of a friend to lift it down to him. it was all level and no shims required. Matt gets all praise for good work.
Sunday i had to make out with the foam and fill in all the gaps Matt will come back later on in the week and do all the trim work

the guys from Groundhogs came back this morning and put in the window well, nice job .
I am guessing they will be back tomorrow morning to back fill
don't forget to take the label off.
i am taking this weekend off . all i am going to do is mow the lawn and weed the garden, then i am going to sit in the sun.
yup its still sunny. No sign of Rain yet.

July 25, 2009

Window Day 1

the bricks are all in strait lines. so who was the cheep shit who built this in 1958. cutting concrete does create lots of dust, but a friend suggested that i cover everything with sheets . everything electronic and anything that gets warm. that would be the boiler. Thank you to my friend.

Matt then spent the evening building a inset to bring the window out level with the house. it currently 1/2 built. Window should go in tomorrow. but this is how it looks right now

July 24, 2009

My Foundations

do you want to see my foundations, look what i got home to tonight.
i called to check in to day for the work tomorrow, and the Jennifer the office lady said there was a rumour that they may start work today , so i thought to go home briefly to check 0n things at 5 pm between jobs. and this is what i found. lots o dirt and a big hole.
does anyone want a digger? there is one in my back yard. and there is a hole in the ground

do you want to see my foundations. ?
do you see why my foundations leaked last year. holes in them bricks and the over hang. Can you see the smoke in the sunlight behind my shadow (smokey day) they had it all neatly dug out till i came along and stood too close to the edge. oops.
no surprises in the old back fill just what looks like very sandy soil.
more tomorrow.

July 20, 2009

House projects

this is the before photo. this pile of weeds is going to turn into a basement window well , next Friday, on Friday you can watch this space for more photos I hope. this will make my downstairs room into a bedroom, a window with legal exit.
What i have been working on in the last month is painting the garage: sanded the walls, mudded them and sanded again, fixed a couple of holes. and painted 2 coats of primer, to cover all the crap ( its a garage that 20 year old) and then my favorite color antique white on the walls.
as of today when this was taken, all I have left is one coat of antique white to go on the ceiling, maybe Friday , maybe one day during the week, subject to energy levels, and work.
here is the window that is to go in, and all junk that floats around.
Well then you will appreciate all the" after" photos when it all clean. Yes the shelf is heavy and i need to get someone else to help move it.

and other useless info . for a snack just now i have had freshly stewed rhubarb, with splendor. oh it s good. Next time i will try adding some wild raspberries, that are ready to eat.

July 8, 2009


the first cucumber of the season was picked today, and is about 8 inches long. so what for lunch tomorrow?
cucumber me thinks.
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July 4, 2009

the Garden 09

my garden is doing just fine , i actullay got to weed recently, then we had rain this week brocolli , lettuce and peas.

beets are nearly ready, but there is only 2

silver beet is well ready for picking. i have eaten 2 lots already

Tomatos down the end, mint and parsley to the right and cucumbers to the left.
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I know i know i have been rude not posting, but i get busy. the garden grows apace, it needs watering , ( any volunteers)
last week i did something to my back , and it lasted more than a few days so Wednesday i went to the chiropractor again. they are wonderful people pop your back, straiten you out . and if you are nice you can get a full body massage as well. its just money and i have insurance. I need to go back on Monday to have another pop . but hopefully this will put the back back in project mode. bending painting lifting and painting stuff.
I have the garage 1/2 painted. moved some stuff and now i get to start on the other side. or i could just go sit in the sun some more.
the weekend weather is sunny and the tourists are still nice.