the ocean

the ocean
Paraparaumu beach

The comings and goings of a hard working kiwi whose just moved home

October 13, 2011

Around my Place

 standing in ankle deep water, its very tidal.
the table and chairs I bought in Fairbanks back in september

October 12, 2011

new place

 well I moved in ,I've been here a month, got my first power bill today, and it was about as expected. I  haven't had to turn the heater on in a  few days. i have bought a whole bunch of stuff. a new TV. a modem,  a barb be-Que
. I have been drooling of a chest of drawers , a tall boy. just made of pine, $269.00  the expensive ones made of other wood start at $800. so pine works for me. the drawers open sooo smoothly.
 isn't it  interesting as to  what make s you excited, drawers that open. i have a set of drawers on a long term borrow, but I don't think i have ever had a new set of drawers.
 Putting together a BBQ isn't as simple as you think, putting the wheels on is a pain, but I got there in the end , then i read the instructions ( I am a girl) and it said funny about putting spices and red wine in the bottom. now i think that sounds like a plan. so on Saturday, I am having a house warming.
 but for now I get to show you some photos of the lagoon that is over the back.
 i will try and post more often,  someone could remind me.