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the ocean
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November 7, 2009


if i really dont get to eat it all i can just candy itI have always liked ginger, crystallized ginger to me is comfort food. it goes really well with a glass of milk and chocolate. preferably all in your mouth at the same time.

The other week I went out with friends to an Asian restaurant, where the decoration on the plate was shaved ginger. so i ate it, and most of the ginger on friends plate as well.
then last weekend i was in the store and i saw ginger root - fresh stuff. Now I have mostly preserved stuff, anyway thought i would give it a try. Didn't know what much to do with ginger root. but that is what google is for. I didn't know how long it was going to keep.
it keeps 3 weeks in the fridge. so now i have to eat lots of ginger. dammed if i am going to waste it. I had a couple of shavings in a salad- its goood. Then I read about grated ginger, so I put some in a lemon and honey drink. spicy. Hell ginger is a spice.
tonight i cooked several slices in a stew. it was just fine but I could have put more in.
and now i sit here with another lemon and honey drink ( good for the immune system so i don't get sick- is my excuse) with some more ginger in it - of course.
if i really don't get to eat it all I can just candy it.

November 3, 2009

November 2nd

November 2nd.
The almanac in the paper today says that the sun rises at 8 45 am and sets at 5 30 ish, that means it nearly dark when I get home and its still trying to get light on the way to work. I know its close to the same amount of light we had last week. but we droped daylight savings with week. and winter is here.
there is 7 weeks till the shortest day and daylight is still dropping at 7 minutes a day, so we have 14 weeks to the the light back to where it is now. the temp dropped this week rather suddenly. it was about 5 this morning and some places talking with - signs.
BUT. I got a whole bunch done today regardless of the dark. did a dump run after work. plugged in the Christmas lights to make sure they are working.( i might have to go buy some more. they are not as green as they used to be , they are looking white.) had dinner and got my homework assignment done all before 7 30. so at 8 I went to dance class.
learning to dance is soooo much fun. American tango 2. You have to go out and do stuff regardless of the weather, otherwise it becomes a bitch real fast. Winter comes whether we like it or not.