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the ocean
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July 17, 2010

Welcome to the jungle

The garden grows apace, this is cucumber number 4 I think, I took the first 3 camping last weekend. I tried celery this year and it has done way better than I thought it would. these photos were all taken last weekend, so there is actually a weeks growth on top of this.
The basil beside it is just amazing, tomorrow I start giving it away. so i need a recipe for pesto something, and the tomatoes are trying to climb out the roof. But currently there are only a couple of tomatoes, not as many flowers as i had last year, but that is ok. Maybe I will have bigger fruit.

My peppers that i tried again I had to pull (again ) as the aphids just came and got them. It was later than last year i managed to keep the aphids away for 2 weeks extra and actually got 2 peppers , but when i went to cut into it i discovered they were the hot variety, that i don't like, so I was less sad at having to pull them out.

Work this week has been crazy.-waiting tables just as busy as hell , an unusual week to make lots of money, 3/4 of it is in the bank. but I have had to have 3 cups of coffee this week to see me through the day job.
somehow i managed to find time to water the greenhouse and pull the peppers this week.
Now to find time to mow the lawn when its dry.

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July 6, 2010

fielding lake camping

I thought I better get out a bit this year since I don't usually.
So Amy, Matt and friends went camping out to Fielding lake. ( head to Delta turn right drive 70 miles. Mile -post 200.5 on the Richardson.) This is the headwaters of the Delta river, its supposed to be good fishing. they have public use cabins there and for a small charge you can reserve them. 4 of July weekend was popular. so the campground was full. I took my tent and new sleeping bag to give them a test drive. its up in the mountains so it cooler than Fairbanks. but the views were spectacular.
Friday was a nice sunny day but Saturday and Sunday it rained 2 hours in the morning and 2 hours in the evening with low hanging cloud the rest of the time.

There goes my theory that 4 of of July its supposed to be 90, it was 55 maybe. but it was still way cool, we had some night visitors come passing by mother moose and calf crossed the river, and her yearling that she had just kicked out was 10 minutes behind her.
the public use cabin sleeps six, but could be cramped if it was raining. Matt being resourceful put up the tarps and we had a comfortable area to sit in with the fire going all weekend. We all sat around and had a pleasant time doing nothing, eating, and talking. it a 3 hour drive each way ish. I think the guys went out briefly to try the fishing.
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