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the ocean
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The comings and goings of a hard working kiwi whose just moved home

December 29, 2010


The purple mat won !!!! My Agent Ray, came over today to take some photos of the new room in my house. and this is the new photo that will appear on my listing sometime before midnight announcing that my house is for sale again.
my agent rocks, colour is a good thing!!!
( does anyone want a white bath mat??)
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December 27, 2010


Yup this is a Christmas post- went out to one friend place for diner and a movie, yesterday.
went out to another friends today for presents and a light dinner. ( and to play with my fav kids )
under the trees for me was some royal Doulton. YES! ....more of my favorite dinner set, old country roses. a cake slicer and a six pack muffin tray that goes in the oven, with thanks for being a great baby sitter.

so there is a big smile on my face today.

December 22, 2010

My world- today

Some of you may know that last night north America had a Luna eclipse. I too went out to take photos, at - 20 no less. played around with my camera some and even got some reasonable shots.

then today at lunch time i went out with the camera and photographed some of the stuff around, it was a nice day outside. and the light can be quite interesting. this time of year, the shortest day of the year. 2 hours 41 minutes from sunrise to sunset today. This is what my world looks like- today anyway

December 19, 2010

Solstice- Fairbanks

Solstice, the shortest day approaches, which means soon the sun starts returning rather than going away. ( this was taken at 1:15 pm)
today the 18th its clear mostly , I don't now if I would call it sunny but warmer than yesterday. yes these are some of the roads that we drive on, Most of town is like this or worse. that's ice solid sheet ice.
For 3 days before thanksgiving we had freezing rain, then the temp dropped and it all froze.
then it dropped a whole bunch and we had -30 and -40 this week.
so today it was a nice day and its warm, believe it or not.

December 8, 2010

Bathroom is done

my bed is round the right way again. it now take me 4 stps to get to the bathroom rather than 10 is was before. Its all clean and done. Bill will be back on thursday, probably to give me a invoice, yes its a duel flush toilet , cause i think people should lerarn to save water. and if sonmeone dioesnt want it they can change it out themselves
I am not sure if there is much else to say. the bathroom is done. that was day 6. just over their estimate of 100 hours of work( my count 104) Now I have to clean the house some more to get it back on the market.
the guys did a nice job vacuming every night and the garage might do with a sweep, they were reasonably clean.

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December 7, 2010


No toilet yet, no taps , but nothing tomorrow wont fix. The floor is grouted and look really cool there are taps on the shower. ( i wonder if i could have a shower yet?)
dam there is that purple rug again.

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December 6, 2010


I went out today and finished my Christmas shopping ( yes i want the bragging rights.) so thought I'd spend some money on myself. I got some nice cream bath towels and a bath mat for my new bathroom.
Some of you may know that I kinda like bright colours.-
there was this purple bathmat just looking at me. then it spoke to me. it said " if you don't buy me you'll regret it" Now I am not sure if that was a threat or not but since I have never had a bath mat speak to me , I wasn't going to take the risk.
The mat just wanted to hang out with my blue one.