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the ocean
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The comings and goings of a hard working kiwi whose just moved home

May 31, 2010

The Garden

I cheated this year- Risse greenhouse was planting the garden at work, and since I was helping I noticed they had the largest bean plants that were nice and healthy. So rather than trying stuff from seed, that i should have started 2 weeks ago. i went out to Risse Greenhouse on Saturday and just spent money.- sometimes money is handy for that -- it saves you time.

Today I borrowed the neighbors Rotor-tiller and spent an hour doing that, watered, then I went to wait tables. when I came home I planted the seedlings that i had got, lettuce, broccoli, peas and beans all done. I even got to run the weed eater around to clean the edge next to the fence, it will be a sunshine issue, and it looks better.

The green house is off to good start, the cucumbers have sorted out their roots and look like they are about to take off. I found some dwarf basil this year out at Risse. so it wont grew as high as it did last year. With any luck i am just growing this for someone else.
now all i did to do is weed... any volunteers?

May 24, 2010

the Greenhouse

may 23, Guess what I did today?
I got to make mud puddles in the greenhouse, I did have some seedlings started, but then i decided that I was going to cheat, so I went to Freds and bought some plants, 3 Tomatoes, 3 Cucumber, 6 celery, 2 peppers, Rosemary and Parsley. and got them all in today. Imight be a week early. but the growing season is short, and it is a greenhouse. I got some ash from a friend to sprinkel arund as i was planting. I will try to keep you informed about how this all goes.
How much of this I will get to eat remains to be seen. maybe I am just feeding someone else. Whatever it takes to sell my house.
in the mean time I am going to sit in the sun.
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The sun woke me up the other morning, at 3 45 so i got up to close the curtins a bit better and found this out the window, so grabbed my camera. I say, if you want stuning sunsets/ sunrise come to alaska. No i didn't stay up, dont be silly
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May 16, 2010

The inside

For those of you who have never been to my house. i just about finished my cleaning to have everything spotless for Monday, my kitchen is really nice I have these nice shiny cupboards, (and lots of them) some orange oil helped with the shininess. the door on the front right goes to the garage.

The bathroom has a sauna on the left that you cant see. I have always liked the the shower panels. The walls are actually way more blue than they look. and i have a double sink.

Then in the bedroom I have my drawers, they are never this clean and there is a echo. i moved the computer desk out to the spare room, so there is way more space. the colour is sweet pea green. and i painted it cause I like it several years ago.
Monday is List day. wish me luck.

May 10, 2010

Four Wheeling

I went four wheeling again today, don't think I have been out for a year, but it is such fun. four wheeling trough puddles. big puddles- i am still just a kid.
Green up was earlier last week the 3 rd i think. ballaine Hill shows the green tinge with the university buildings in the background and the Alaska range. but the trees up close don't show so much color. Give it a week and summer will be hear. ( along with the tourists)

So I get to start my second job next Sunday- 16th so the frequency of my posting is going to be slower. unless something interesting happens in life. Oh to have cash in hand again!

May 8, 2010

The Basement

the basement is DONE, I finished gluing the last of the vinyl here about 2 hours ago. the floor is really cool. The wall got varnished, and i painted for Formica counter tops. life is good, now its down to cleaning, and a few small outside jobs and it will all be done.

May 1, 2010

Break up

Well this spring has been a bit of a non event, it hasn't even been worth wile photographing the river , the whole in the river got wider it melted , there wasn't even any ice that floated down teh river.
The only exiting thing was today it rained, which means my grass will turn green a little sooner than usual. actually its been drizzling for 24 hours or more, just a nice gentle growing rain. but i hear its snowing up at Pogo mine.
Its nearly green , I am thinking tomorrow might be the day when everything bursts into leaf over night. other people tell me the pollen levels are really high. I have a perfectly functioning nose so pollen doesn't bother me.