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the ocean
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The comings and goings of a hard working kiwi whose just moved home

April 28, 2011

Good news

Sorry i have been ignoring you all. just waiting to hear news my self. life is coming together slowly but surely.
Yes I leave work on Friday , I have been training the new girl this week and that is going well.
today i met with the real estate agent and went over the last few things, they will schedule closing. probably for next week.
The house is going well, all the painting is done. not exactly the colours i would have chosen but what do i care. (Pale blue in my bedroom) .They were laying floor and there is a new plywood floor on top of my old stuff, laid by a professional this time and the was another guy laying vinyl in the basement. and they were starting to put the kitchen cabinet back in. and all the paperwork looks like it is coming together as well . wonders will never cease.

Yesterday I listed my car for sale , as i didn't know how long it would take . i had a military gent come look at it tonight and he wants it tomorrow, and i have emails from 2 others if he doesn't.
15 % less than I wanted..but ... cash talks..
s this evening I need to plot and plan my week without a car, how many friends do i have? can i go dancing this weekend careless. I dived out this evening to a book store to make sure i have something to do next week when don't have much to do.
the only uncertainty is that I ordered a pair of(dance ) shoes online and it s coming slow mail. tracking has it still in Seattle shipping ground.

more soon.

April 17, 2011


Booked my tickets. May 6 to leave Fairbanks, a weekend in Seattle for shopping and to see a friend. the Seattle Auckland arriving in nz may 11. 5 :30 am like always.
the house comes along quite nicely but the contractors want an extra day or 2 . so not sure if we can close before I leave. Maybe maybe not.
i am busy giving away stuff that i don't need, and what is left over will go the the salvation army.
have i got everything done??
i need to wash the car so I can get a photo and get it sold. but washing the car right now is a waste of time. the roads are a pain of LARGE water "Lakes" Puddles is not the word to use. its supposed to be 40 today.
my weekend is busy with catching up the people I won't see again. Job hunting in nz will Monday ...
shall I make lists???

April 8, 2011


One of the fun things , well sort of- when going outside, is to walk around the suppermarket and try not to say OMG too much..
pears 59 c a lb here they are 1.99 if you re lucky
mangos 59 c each so i bought 4 here they re 1. 50 each
instant oatmeal 2.30 for what i pay 4 .20 for ouch.
hair color 3.50 .. i can barely buy that for less than $9.00
and we wont even talk about stores with perfume counters with people.
I am going to kinda complain about how commercial the lower 48 is. parking for anything is $10.00 the coke a cola museum in atlanta was ok. just very commercial they had lots of samples from a around the world but no lemon and paeroa. so you know what i want when i get home.
We can always find free parking in Fairbanks.

so after driving back from Atlanta on Sunday, monday was a lazy day. and me and my good book sat in the sun.... it was 80 degrees and windy... so i will say this really quietly.... yes i got sunburnt. opps .
My friend I went to see, John, was way cool he got to hang out with me while i was going shopping and doing the girl thing. I hope I didn't bore him too much.
It was a great vacation , and am mostly rested, except there was lots of stuff on my desk when I got to work. I got to donate blood today and my blood pressure was 112/ 72

April 7, 2011


So we were in Augusta Ga and driving back to Charleston on Sunday when we got stopped by this train.......

a Double Decker train, now i am not sure that i have ever seen a double Decker train, the whole dam thing was containers 2 stories high.( so maybe I live in a small town or something.)

anyway this train was moving really slowly, it was really long and I am guessing ( duh ) it was really heavy. we didn't get to see the front of it to see how many engines were on it but John had a camera. (ther were 45 carridges after i started counting. )

this is the only photo that i have from a weeks in Charleston.

you want me to take photos of my shopping?.... well might find some photos from the dancing a the lindy in Atlanta. but i am thinking that might take some work

Useless infomation about Janet. ... when there is a train going by it is compuslary to count the number of carridges. its just one of those strange things that i do.. maybe it kept me entertained when i was a kid..