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the ocean
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January 31, 2011

Talk back radio

sometimes I get homesick and i turn on the radio to NZ talk back radio to see whats going on. the other day the subject was unemployment and getting jobs.then they had the adds
the one that caught my attention was the one for the Vasectomy clinic. and there was this mans voice declaring most enthusiastically
"and the best part about it the is homework you have to do afterwards 24 times"

what can I say, would the USA have a vasectomy clinic ?
that surly would not happen in United states.
Here lie the cultural differences.

January 21, 2011


last Friday we got our end of year bonus, and i have always said that bonuses should be spent on something special, not groceries etc. Most of the time I have managed this.
For the last couple of months i have been looking at some more dance shoes( there is no such things as too many dance shoes). Friday after work I went shopping on line, so with a bonus burning a hole in my pocket. I got these from dance4 i thought they would arrive on Friday since we had a public holiday but yesterday Wednesday there they were. I took them to dance class just to try them out, comfortable dance shoes. I am sure they will get worn on Friday when I go dance as well.
Yes there is a smile on my face. New dance shoes will do that for you.

January 7, 2011

Christmas decorations

I took down the tree yesterday, and looked at the Christmas decorations. yes i want to take them home. no they are not worth very much so if they break well soo...
glass balls that is ..
so I packed them,.. did I wrap them well enough? only time will tell. I put them back in the boxes they came in , and no I probably didn't pack them well enough but I am going to try,.. just for shits and giggles.
and no comments from the cheep seats either.
I will have to declare them at customs, for they are one of the listed items. so that means unpacking them somewhere. Apparently according to NZ customs, spiders like to live in Christmas decorations, assuming that you store them in the garage and it's a warm one. So no they are not sitting in the garage.
No I'm not bringing the tree. I thought about it until I read the customs list. I cant be bothered unpacking that..

January 3, 2011

Flowers in Winter

In the first week of december I went shoping,- Safeway, and they had these cute looking bulb things. They were supposed to be for gifts but .. so Igot 2 planted and followed directions. Now there is not alot of daylight in Fairbanks this time of year, but one can poke and hope. ( thats poke them in the soil and hope they grow) I put these in the window, where the sun pretends to shine of about 15 minutes a day.

And yesterday I got this. I was very impressed. This moring it was even better looking. and just now this evening the red one os looking even better.

the second one will be white, you will get to see more in a week ish. I will go out tomorrow and see if i can get the name of these things, ( sorry Mother) in the mean time they are just flowers.

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January 2, 2011

New years day

good morning , how was your sunset today
Photos taken at 3 pm new years day.

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