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the ocean
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August 30, 2012

great bathroom and even better hot water

for those you you not on face book , here are some more pictures of the house. the living room is huge which is nice lots of space , there after a few boxes still around , just out of site .
 the Bathroom is compact , but the  hot water makes  up for it, the shower is amazing .
 Lets just say my project  list for the weekend is long.
 the living room window look west to the setting sun, overlooking the next suburb.


AfternoonMoon said...


But what is the deal with the mixing valves? You have a separate HOT and COLD faucet at the bottom, but a mixed water at the top. Why the two separate faucets? Are there two taps on your sinks as well?

Janet said...

did I really miss your comment for 6 months?? sorry, plumbing is really weird in NZ, my kitchen sink still has 2 taps, but the shower has a mixer just fine. one day when i fix modernize the bathroom, I will change the vanity I will rectify this, but it. when are you coming to visit ????