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the ocean
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The comings and goings of a hard working kiwi whose just moved home

June 15, 2011

New Haircut

Got a new haircut today, all for the job hunting stuff and looking tidy, it s lat shorter than i thought, but i need to be tidy, maybe I'll like it better tomorrow. if i had white hair i'd look like my mother.
now I have had 2 haircut inside 3 months this is probably a lifetime record. its usually 8 or 9 months or longer between my haircuts... oh well it will grow. and $2.00 cheaper than my last one.
the job hunting progresses frustratingly.. just got turned down on job where i was the top candidate but then they changed the criteria and hired someone they knew.

So its either time for some chocolate or some new clothes.. office clothes of course... now chocolate would be cheaper... but....
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June 8, 2011

New Car

At long last last Thursday my car arrived, it had left Auckland on Monday as promised, but someone forgot to tell me it would be 2 or 3 days for delivery. so a frustrating 3 days later on Thursday the car arrived. its a cool looking car. Toyota Allion
yup from Japan 2002. My face book page has some other photos , if you are that way inclined
Absolutely spotless interior. still working on figuring out the radio. i can seem to program the channels to the stations that i want.. minor details. someone will come along that will help. spotless engine, pressure washed of course. i can't remember seeing that cleaner engine.
the auto winder for the windows doesn't work for the other windows , on the drivers side. but works on the other windows. ( does that make sense)

What else have I done. went for a drive last weekend to the Wairapa, that's over the hills from upper Hutt.. find a map... they have Martinbrough the home of good wine. and lots of rolling new Zealand farm land. you might get lots of pictures like that.

Otherwise its job hunting, I am now listed with 6 different agencies, cause that's where the interesting jobs are coming from, not many companies list jobs by themselves. Finding my way around downtown.

June 1, 2011

the job hunting

I have spent the last week solidly job hunting , i have managed to apply for 2 jobs every day, working backwards from 3 different web sites. I have signed up with 5 different recruitment agencies.
everything ( well in accounting fields) seems to come through the agencies On Monday i applied for 4 . last Friday I called work and income ( the local unemployment offices to see if i was eligible, it looks like i am as long as i am seriously looking for work. email proof etc. there is a 2 week stand down period from the time i first called .. last Friday. it would have been only one week, but i earned too much last year. So on Tuesday I will have to go in a fill out the from with all the info. ( did I really bring home all the the right paperwork ? )
I went into town Wellington ( a 50 km 35 miles commute.. 55 minute train) yesterday to meet with an agency who said that he would be surprised that I didn't find work in 2 or 3 weeks . well that was nice but he didn't have anything to offer me. (they did high end management accounting.. ) the train trip into town is really quite pretty.

This photo is from down town around the wharf the other photos are on the phone still.
please bear with me as i get better with the i phone skills