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April 19, 2012

Views or not

 house hunting in NZ  part 2 

When going to an open home, its not the person whose listing house that is showing , its one of her co workers , looking to make friends with buyers.
 There is an assumption that if you make an offer on a house you will use the person who showed you the house,
 I have looked at 5 now  still refining what I want ,   so who you make friend with will change  depend on where you buy .  There are some hungry  agents around here.  A lady called me today to get some feed back  for one place i looked on Sunday and   she wants to show me some others on Wednesday .. a public holiday  ANZAC day.

 Lots of houses built in 50 's house that have been done up, but people  forget the wiring,  and the breakers boxes still look like  they are from the 1950 's  ( old and not to code ? )
 there are less power points in rooms here,  1 in each bedroom in older houses.  single Closits in the main bedroom ( this is not a house that i want to buy )   
 Lots of real wood floors  from the 1950 's . some are in good condition some aren't  some have had carpet over the top for 20 years   ( take the carpet out and a good coat of varnish )

 my favorite so far  is this    is the favourite   built in the 80 's  but the land underneath is on a cross lease ,  ( someone had a really large section and  put 2 houses in the back yard)  and then sold the houses , so there is a 1/ 3 share in the land ..  

 the down falls- are  that if,  and i say if,  one of my parents needs to live with me sometime i need to have  minimum stairs   and the ones  here are quite steep to get inside . there is a school a the bottom of the driveway, which is also quite steep.   (  the view is stunning..  ) and the kitchen could do with  a little more storage space .. there is a large park just round the corner , where people play sports  every weekend  rugby fields etc. perhaps a bit close for my liking.   Floor space is 860 s feet  (80 s meters )  

 interest rates are from 5 5 to 6.5.
 I will keep looking.
 yes of course I am having fun

April 3, 2012

House hunting

Gosh have I really not posted anything since December?
Oops sorry about that. Life must have been somewhat boring. I have discovered I have some friends that don't hang out on Facebook, hopefully I can keep you a bit more up to date than before.
Last Wednesday, I went to the bank for something else and walked out the a letter of preapproval for house finance.... So the house hunting begins. House buying will be quite different here, for starters there is no such thing as title agencies. That's what lawyers are for. They do the title search.
Open homes are barely 1/2 hour ,40 minutes if you are lucky. Then there is the can I get yor phone number before you leave . I looked at 3 on Sunday all built in the 1950's. I have decided a garden is important( supprise)or at least space for one. And kitchen cupboard space.

I will have to be selective in my photos and links. Due to the power of other people's search engines. (Read other real estate agents)