the ocean

the ocean
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The comings and goings of a hard working kiwi whose just moved home

August 25, 2011

a place to live

 So Wednesday was OK I went to look at the house on Mana  Esplanade, a nice little sunny place 2 bedroom , a little damp in the bathroom, and there could be more kitchen cupboard space space, but clean. i though it was worth an application , it looked OK good location, 3 doors doors down a alleyway that went to the estuary and across the road access to the beach, a very busy road that is.   peak hour traffic a bitch to say the least .
 the rental agency was a nice lady and she must have liked me. when I said I was interested in it she got to me to fill out an application, which she approved on the spot.... Not even a  reference in sight....
so I have a place to live , yes I get to pay her lots of money 3 weeks rent for bond , and moving day is Sept 10
 i get to get my stuff out of storage , my sheepskins for my car seat
 and my couches and my blanket. i know know why but i just want to curl up on my cream couch with MY blanket and watch TV and have my stuff.

2 weeks-- Sept 10 is moving day.
( yes I will get photos when I move in )

August 22, 2011

Culture Shock Dancing Style

 In Alaska we dance what ever style takes our fancy it was a small community, so the Latin crowd and the ballroom crowd got to hang out,  most of us know both, salsa  bachatta,  merange perhaps.
 now Wellington is fine for ballroom but trying to find salsa in this own is like pulling teeth, the salsa club closed sometime earlier this year, there is a small salsa crowd that hang out in town on a Sunday night. and bachatta  whats that?
 its not important cause it not an official dance with medals and grading etc
 Am i doomed to never dance a Bachata till I go back to Fairbanks...... that would just hurt.
 I went to a dance from supreme dance school, and danced with a few people i discovered that they are taught routines here, which of course i don't know them, these men don't know how to lead. i am supposed to know the routines , all stuff designed for medals etc. am i going to have to go back and learn beginning dance classes just to lean these dam routines. i had said to myself that i would do competition if  the opportunity ever arose.
 hell you cant avoid it here.
Tango classes on Wednesday are fun, Argentine tango from a man whose from Argentina, fancy that.   just learning to tango like they do, no Medals just dancing....
here ends my tale for today.  ( I'll be in a better mood tomorrow)

August 19, 2011

House hunting

 Houses to look at this weekend , just to rent for right now  looking around Plimmerton/ Paramata way one tomorrow and and one on Sunday then another one Wednesday.
 rent is really expensive here, i am looking at 2 bedroom ones  and rent is by the week.  $250 on the cheep end and 270 then the one on Sunday is 295. and that is just rent then there. with electric heating in winter, is the power bill.
 that is  not counting the cost of commuting to work which will be 50 a week.
Can I live with this budget  ?.
 The same place in town with no commuting costs would be 350 per week. so if im not in a hurry to move this is why.

August 15, 2011

Snow In Wellington

Yup it snowed today.. I am so done with snow,
 it sat on the ground a little bit, this morning there was no wind then this afternoon  it was blowing, after they started cancelling schools and closed the Rimutaka hill. in town it may in the ground  but was gone by the time i went home at 4 pm.  Rimutakas is the hills that separate wellington from the Wairarapa  30 ks of  roads
according to the news there were records falling today it was cold 4 degrees was the high, 40 f
People at work were just looking out the window and thinking it was funny. apart from Me.
 The South island is getting slammed with there usual winter storms ( move your sheep to shelter, or risk loosing lambs) August is lambing season. any way this weather is supposed to last 3 days
 I am done with snow!
light well there's 1/ 2 hour more light around this month but it is increasing soooo slowly. we have lambs and daffodills but no warmer weather.