the ocean

the ocean
Paraparaumu beach

The comings and goings of a hard working kiwi whose just moved home

July 28, 2011

A lady at work justshowed me how to post stuff her from my phone. So this means I can do more stuff. I won't make any promises about the spelling . Sometimes the auto spell spent like stuff. Place names mostly.
Today after Monday is a beautiful sunny day and no wind.

July 15, 2011

New Job details

first week at work 
 batisism by  fire a long week but  got to pay direct depost of 400,000 today. looks like lots of data entry, the software  has and 10 years of errors and people who didn't know how to  do stuff. somewhere along the line. The people at work are fun to work with, way more  sexual innuendo  that what would ever happen is the USA, cultural difference major. ( not directed at me )
 Dancing has been good this week
 got to go to Practise on Monday and figure out  some  quick step and samba routines, with Sean, who is looking to  find some one to try new vogue dancing with.  Planing on going to a class next weeks to see if i like it . ( look it up on u tube)
 Sean is 6 4 and way good frame but limited number of moves that is  comfortable with . 
 did  a rock & roll class on Tuesday and more Practice on Thursday
 We have just had  6 days of  wind and heavy rain, Today was better today we had a Frost it was 32 f  i had to scrape the ice of the car to go to work,  (oh my god. )

July 4, 2011


 Yes i have a job, i start work next Monday, it s only 30 hours a week but paying a bit more than what i had in Fairbanks.
 I know I haven't been writing in  a while but  since I don't have to go job hunting i have spent 10 days in wellington house / cat sitting for  friends of my cousins who was in Australia.   the cat was very old  and needed to take her pills every day. so spent  a bit of time running around wellington finding my way around, going dancing and doing some knitting.  yes I am knitting project again,   for the first time in 7 or 8 years.  i have thins really nice cool colour, its a nice teal colour and i am doing a cable cardigan for   me.  its so much easier to be motivated to knit when you are doing it for your self. ( yes i have photos on my phone but they are on my  phone and not the computer.) i got to go shopping for some more work clothes.
 the weather is crappy can now we are past the shortest day not that anyone celebrated it , the temp has dropped just a couple of degrees followed by some good winds howling form the south. and damp wellington is damp. it rains a whole bunch.  the only thing i can say about the weather is roll on November.
 there will be more news on my job when i start work and actually know more about it ..