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the ocean
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September 26, 2010

Cool, Cool, .. cold

My car was a little sluggish at starting this evening. so I filled up with gas put some heet in the tank.. (yes its that s time of year). and then when i got home , i parked in the garage for the first time since April ish.. So it is in my opinion its cold. I was cold. I know, I know I wasn't dressed as well as I could have been. lovely clear days n windy the last few. today was barely 40 when Tuesday was 65. Current temp is 31 but we have 10 miles an hour of wind, this is windy for us, so it really feels like 21. The leaves are nearly gone from the trees as well.

we have had 3 or 4 frosts so the growing season is definitely done. 130 days this year, i think we almost broke the record. Usually the frost free days we run 110 if we are lucky ( can we blame this on global warming) September has been wonderful for weather, but Sept is nearly done.

I have an open house next week , so this week will be lots of cleaning. its amazing how much more messy I can make my house when I actually spend more time in it.

September 17, 2010

Fall Colours

the blaze of colour is out this week. and the weather is just amazing, so on sunday i went for a drive arround to see with my camera in hand. all the trees know its time to turn. the undergrowth turns red , but the trees dont.

Yup this pipeline carries oil. the amazing weather is 70 during the day( we are almost breaking records) and 40 at night everyday since saturday.
this will not last.

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The last of the Greenhouse

I took these Sept 6 about a wake ago before the first frost, which was way late this year,.. there was ice on my car this morning and today is the 16th... way late. I have seen the first frost on the 1 of September so we got an extra 15 % time on our growing season this year. this cucumber i picked and already eaten.

The tomatoes have been a bit slower this year , i think i have a different variety, so it was slower. I wasn't so good this year and shaking the branches and pruning so I didn't get as much fruit as last year,... but the size was much better. they are all now sitting on the table hoping to ripen. which means they are a bit sluggish.

Then we have the second round of the celery. this is second growth of the ones I cut. the last of the basil. but you should see how much I gave away and behind that the parsley.
i puled most of the tomatoes yesterday. but the weather has been so nice all week. it's just hard to think that it will get cold.( sigh) but it will and it will be fast and dramatic is my guess.

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September 5, 2010

Fall / Autumn

Fall / Autumn, is defined for me by the temp. And my feet - I got cold feet last night so i had to put some socks on. this morning I looked a the thermostat and it said 65 so i put a sweater on... but 65 in the house is a little cool for me.

this afternoon i made some scones, but i used oil and not butter then i put in cinnamon and ginger ( cause i couldn't find my nutmeg- have i used it all? ) and then i cut up an apple and put that in as well. then i used yogurt instead of milk.( cause the milk was ... thick and smelly). i am sure these are still scones but dam they got changed some. they are currently in the oven.

the greenhouse needs attention i had to turn the heat lamp on for the last few nights there's been good dew on the car every morning. no frosts yet. i have lots of good sized tomatoes this year they are still trying to turn yellow , hence the heat lamp. the cucumber and about done. the basil and celery are still in good shape. shall i dry it or just give it away. and i need to go do something with the last of the beans and peas. the broccoli is producing OK second and 3 cuts from the from each plant.
so its Official fall is here ( for my opinion).
I am going to turn the heat on.