the ocean

the ocean
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The comings and goings of a hard working kiwi whose just moved home

August 30, 2008

More fall August 29

There is this tree arround the corner form me that just has this wonderfull colour, not all the trees are lick this yet , but it s coming fast. and it was a gglorious day, cloiudy one minute and wonderfull the next. Will we get a frost? I need to go pick the garden.

August 25, 2008

Fall 8/24/08

Anther nice sunny day today , so time for another photo, there are now 2 lots of branches that are yellow its 70 during the day and 40 at night. its now dark at 11 30.

the yellow is kind a a nice yellow until you remember what fall will bring ( cold weather) and no my camera is probably not up to photographing northern lights. I may give it a try but no promises.

August 23, 2008


Nutmeg, is a somewhat neglected spice i think.

We had a potluck at work Monday and i took some Cinnamon scones, quick and easy to make on Sunday night. Everyone thought they were great. i even got them iced. my roommate was looking at them a bit, so i thought i would make some more just for us to eat. But just for shits and giggles I giggles i thought i would add some nutmeg. i just sprinkled it. perhaps it was too much , cause while they were baking all i could smell was the nutmeg. but dam they tasted really good, in fact i sit here and eat and type. Just a dab of butter on them, for i like scones hot out of the oven. What sort of jam goes with Cinnamon and nutmeg? dammed if I know.

So just a thought for anyone who wants to try something different.

August 19, 2008

York City Walls

I got an email via flickr today that schmaps from York are thinking about publishing one of my photos, I made the short list. nothing for money of course. but they were asking for my permission, large print photo credit is all I get. but that's what you get from putting photos on flickr. This kinda made my day today. it definitely put a smile on my face. so you get to see it again.
I don't think its that exciting but hay......
here is their web site in case you are interested.

August 17, 2008

The Falling leaves

I have decided to do another series , just for people who don't realise just how fast the seasons go and change around here. fall is very fast, so this afternoon this is august 16 i wandered around and started the photos, Leaves start changing , just one at a time currently we are down to a small branch at a time. The first yellow leaf is usually spotted during the fair, ( the first week of august.) i will try to photo once a week for right now and more as necessary. Full colour fall/ autumn is usually about September 10 / 11.
if you don't believe me watch this space

my first series of seasons was from spring 18 months ago. Well May 2007

hopfully this link will work , if not blame my computer skills.


The boss decided to send me to Anchorage this week for some software training. I got to stay at the Captain Cook. The training was way more intense than I thought, but the shoping was good.

JC Penny is my favourite. Spent all day monday driving down and got to pass by the Nenana river , it was supposed to have flooded not so ,ong ago, i did take soem photos but i dont have any other summer photos to compare it with to say if it was still high or not., ( lots of winter ones you can find of the web of the ice classic. )

I did have a nice view of the bay / mud flats from the hotel window, and you understand that as a good kiwi i miss the ocean more than you will know. Having my evenings to myself and not having to work was just wonderfull. Had a pleasant b day shoping clothes of course. then on thursday went to 10th and M seafoods ( guess where they are located) and bought some Salmon, and halibut. reasonable prices.

August 9, 2008

Chena river flood.

ok you get a second one today, i decided to tell you about the high river. and a picture paints a 1000 words,

these were taken last sunday august 3 and the building on the right is where our new offices is moving to next week.

Lincoln ? or Nottingham?

the other day I spent forever looking at websites trying to decided where i want to spend some time in England, what do I want to see in a new town, Old castles old palaces old cathedrals, so my current choices are Nottingham , and Lincoln.
now Lincoln looks to be a small town well sort of, Nottingham is Robin Hood country, 12Th Century Sherwood forest. But when I was speaking to someone while i was waiting tables she asked me how many spruce trees i wanted to see. Hell i live in Alaska here.
Lincoln on the other hand has some Roman stuff and a cathedral that looks pretty cool, but alas it has no hostels. so shall I spring for a hotel for a few days. there was one I saw Duke William, ( hotel that is) supposed owned by the duke of Cumberland, 1746 stuff I wonder if they like him any more than the Scottish did?? as a person I am not keen on him in history, there doesn't seem to be much on line about him. a good reason to visit and see what the locals have to say.

If it is fine tomorrow Iwill get some more photos of the garden, it s been raining for 2 weeks strait