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the ocean
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July 30, 2008

Next blog

Have you ever tryed the next blog button,?
you can cruise arround the whole world , looking at others. they may not even be in english, ( hay you can always just look at the pictures). its almost better than blogs of note.
You just never know what you will find and for tonight its just a way to unwind from a crazy day at work.

July 29, 2008

Flowers at the Wedgewood

Several times over the winter, I have had conversations with people about the flowers at the Wedgewood, and not Many people around town are familiar with them. let me tall you they do an amazing job of looking after them. now when i asked the other day about where they come from. they said it was 1/2 and 1/2 some are grown on premises and some are from a greenhouse locally. i couldn't you which is what. But i wasn't going to let the year go by, this year. when it is a simple matter of getting the camera out. so here it is . sorry it wasn't a sunny day. but it s nearly august, and it has been a crappy summer. so it was cloudy. then I thought to take soem photos inside and one of me , that actually came out ok.

July 18, 2008


i have colour in my tomatoes, thse was taken tonight that is July 17.
My cucumbers are taking over the green house as we speak.
yes I have peas thou only just by july 17. i have 4 pea pods , a bit on the thin side yet , thats barely 7 weeks.

Super Computer Center

Today at work, we got to go see the supper computer center at the university.
its cool. they have very large computer and large screen 3 9 by 9 foot screens,
then a projector, and some 3 D glasses and life was cool . got to watch an hours presentations on what they have done.
you can look around the computer room go through the walls all called virtual reality. you can get a little dizzy if you don't watch out.
one of the programs they ran for us was a look in detail of the planet Mars, taken with lots photos then programed into the big computer, it was like a flying around zooming in and out. all around this planet that i 'm never likely to see. Lots of Mountains and volcanoes .
they also had some high mountain shots of Alaska back country.
some guy goes up there and gets dropped off just to go paint and take photos in the summer . some really lovely remote stuff. high country Alaska. valley that you could zoom in on . like flying really fast. (think of I max stuff)

Then the guys asked for volunteers for a short experiment. Hay i am a silly bugger. It sounded like fun. they wanted us to fill in a box with a wand form the virtual reality. trying to see how we used the machine, weather we walked though the image or went around it. It was trying to paint in 3 D . do you turn the box over or do you walk around it or through it. Had to do the same thing 3 times with the wands at different lengths.
No i don't have any photos of this or course.
but it definitely was fun.

July 13, 2008

a Photo of me,

got a new camera about a month ago so just for the fun of it heres a new photo of me , just playing arround with the new camera. Photo by Don.

July 11, 2008

Old Country Roses

There is this web site that sits on my favorites, that I visit form time to time.
royal Dalton, the purveyors of Fine English China.
and since I have spent any money on myself..... in a couple for weeks.
and they had a sale.......
there was the tea pot, and the sugar bowl and the cream jug , usually closer to $160 ( just for the teapot) was on sale for $99. then they had free shipping.
not sure if this will include AK but oh well.
I already have a fine collection of Old country roses, but there is always room to add more.
the tea set will ship in a couple of days no doubt , so you will have to wait maybe a week for photos. or you can visit yourself to Royal Dalton. (a picture of some of my current stuff that i have for Thanksgiving.)
there is nothing so wonderful as new China.

July 6, 2008

Garden Salad

i had a salad for lunch today, cucumber number 3 from the garden and lettuce no 1. the last of the bought tomatoes, i hope. It s been really hot this week, we've hit 90 3 days in a row nice for the 4 July weekend. (Yes mother i got sunburned) this should be good for all the growing after all the rain we had earlier in the week.
My peppers have no aphids on the this year, so i' m way ahead of where i was last year.
and yes i always take any volunteers to weed the garden

I had this wonderful plan to go camping this weekend overnight but that went to hell as friends just aren't as reliable as i would want.