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the ocean
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May 24, 2011


Friday afternoon I went to test drive nice blue Allion listed at 12900 2002 .. yes cars are expensive here. since it was a nice car. i thought i would make an offer , but the sales man didnt like my offers of 8 or 9 ,000 and even 10 . so i walked away...
last week in Auckland there was the same car for 10 990 so i committed on friday to a car , put my credit card on the line and am currently awaiting paperwork that i need to sign. car will be shipped down monday... their expense.
its silver 1800 cc its has a snow control, so when i drive the desert road it will be interesting. so see how that works, considering its Japanese the dash is all in English. some cars i drove weren't..

i will get photos when the car arrives. My thought is how often will I loose the car in a car park with all the silver cars here( its about the resale value)
more another day

May 20, 2011


OK OK I am sorry not posting in a week.
Had a great time hanging out with Catherine, Dad was in town so spent some time looking at t cars in Albany, drove a Allion and an Opa. both Toyota's. different cars have different names in different countries, so i don't know what to compare them to. the Allion is like a corrolla and the Opa is a pretend station wagon- a very short rear end. But i wasn't going to buy the first car i test drove... its against my religious principles..or something

Dad drove me down to Mum's ( new Zealand spelling now) on Sunday.. we cris-crossed the north island. stopping in with my primary school principal that i haven't seen in 30 years . then passes by the school as well. the weather deteriorated and rained heavily. stopped for fish and chips ... wrapped in newspaper( cultural thing number 2 .. has to be wrapped in news paper) then I got to drive from Turangi to Whanganui. ... in a manual car on the wrong side of the road in pouring rain and in the dark. yes it was a slow trip. got to see Mother .!!!!

in Whanganui caught up with some of mums friends got in some much needed exercise.. found the local swimming pool that doesn't have 1/2 as much chlorine as the AK pools.( my hair was soft a couple of hours later not fried).
got my storage stuff to be shipped to wellington i found a handy storage unit for 105 a month.
stuff came down on Thursday so mum drove me down to Wellington to supervise its unloading. they weren't the most gentle with other peoples stuff. so that was probably just as well. so It is all safely in storage, and i didn't have to lift any of it.
Slept at Jenny's place last night and got to unpack. Here I stay for an unspecified length of time till i get a job.
this morning I thought i would see if there were any jobs on Seek. since I hadn't looked at mothers. she has dial up and no wireless. there were 3 i applied for. I was about to step out the door to go car hunting some more. there was a call from a agency who had listed one of the jobs wanting to know if I could come into town to meet her on Monday. ummmm let me see now i can do that. then when i was about to step out the door again there was another call from one of the other jobs i had applied for this morning... lets just say i have a busy day on Monday with employment agencies

Today was a productive day.!

May 12, 2011

Catherines View

photos in new zealand, this was leaning out the window this morning , i thought this view was stuning there was fog and we woke up to a beautiful day

and this was me in the kobe gardens in Seattle sunday morning
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May 5, 2011


i get to close on the house tomorrow at 12 pm check in hand by the end of the day.
then there is the last power bill and the water bill.
the contractors are so close to being down, light fixtures are done, i need a fridge and a stove, a toilet or 2 and carpet.

May 3, 2011

New Computer

i have bought myself a new computer .. well a second hand one . a friend of mine had 4 computers and was selling 2. so i bought the one i had been playing with while i was staying at his place in march . so now i have a laptop and i have spent the evening changing settings and figuring out how to go online and stuff, this is my first laptop so some of it is. these little wee mouse things i have4 days to think about a wireless mouse
one of my old roommates i have no idea who left and power strip that was all in Japanese, so i looked it up online and discovered that it works in nz and Argentina. well i am not moving to Argentina for japan.
AND the computer has a little adapter that does the 240 - 110 thing so this computer will work just fine in NZ. all i need to figure out is the going online wireless stuff. i am pretty sure that i am not the first person to take a computer so i am thinking it should be reasonable simple .

4 days to go.
i still havent found out when we are closing on the house.