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the ocean
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The comings and goings of a hard working kiwi whose just moved home

March 31, 2011


Charlston, after spending Monday at work, then going home to shower and take a nap , I caught 4 planes and spent 16 hours getting to Charleston. .. for some shopping and relaxation.
of course it is raining here but its warm 65 ish.
today I got to go shopping , new perfume french of course, ( Americans don't know how to make perfume like Channel.) some new clothes that might even make do for job interveiws in NZ. and a great new book
John has been fun , he was even great to hang out with while i went shopping for girl stuff.
there is lots of dancing in our future so maybe i will get to take some photos,
nothing like some R& r to de-stress. its been raiing so i dont have any issues with geting sun burnt
More in a day or 2

March 12, 2011


The lights were sooo good last night they made the paper. I was out at 9 30 ish and thought i would try with my camera. and i got these. 60 seconds is a long tine to hold a camera still at -20 so you better appreciate this, the bottom 2 were only 30 seconds. but these are the first photos of lights i have ever got with a camera .
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March 8, 2011

March 7, 2011


Yes i know i dropped of the face of the earth for 10 days sorry..
Tuesday 22 i was working on the last item for the home inspection. i was thawing the ground with weed burner when a spark got in the wall from some dried grass. heaven forbid i be one to panic , but i do on occasions. i called 911 before the smoke detectors went off.
4 minutes or an eternity later they show up. they made hols in the roof and the wall, it was -20 and put it out fairly fast, and i was back in a smoke ruined house 2 hours later.

The good news is a was really lucky my stuff shipped out the day before. and my buyers still want to buy the house and yes i have insurance. my deductible is 1000 . the only stuff in the house was 3 suitcases of cloths computer and stuff in the kitchen. my boiler was fried and there was standing water in the basement. electricity went out somewhere. but the fire man have a great big diesel machine that put out 100,000 BTU's and kept the house at 95 over night to avoid the frozen house thing.

got the boiler and electricity up and running the next day. and got contractors in. to start the clean/ mitigation its quicker to pull of sheet rock than to try and clean , they have spent 8 days taking out stuff, all the carpet and vinyl that i put in last year.( sob ) all that hard work. but i guess the new job will be done by professionals.
i spent 3 nights at the Regency Hotel courtesy of the American red cross . they are wonderful people. when you need them. then i went to a friends for the weekend to sort out clothes and finish getting the all washed.

the recipe for removing smoke from clothes is to use TSP ( tri sodium phosphate) along with regular laundry soap and vanilla in the rinse. Yup surprised me too. but it works. ask the American red cross.
I took 2 days off work for all this but I made it to work all this week. i even managed to finish cleaning out the garage and gave away the last of my electrical stuff. i think the cleaning people will be done Tuesday or maybe Wednesday.
life is slowly getting better but it is somewhat trying to say the least.
there are photos around somewhere but i am computer challenged when i am not at work