the ocean

the ocean
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August 18, 2010

Denali Park

for the weekend of my birthday i headed to Denali park. since i have never been down on the train before a friend decided that we ought to be in the dome car ( the expensive one) a great place for photographs i must say , while i got his white water rafting. ( how can you never have been rafting).
anyway on the train it was brought and sunny and i did get some pretty cool photos.

then we went for a walk around one of the nearer lakes called horseshoe lake. we saw some evidence of some beaver and some squirrel. dam cheeky things. My personal opinion is that " the only good squirrel is a dead one. preferably one that died of lead poisoning" i think this one in the park was used to too many humans and thought they might be good for getting food maybe.

my camera has a 12 x zoom that i am at long last getting the hang of using at high zoom, and think myself very cleaver to have got this of the beaver. we walked really quietly to get in position , and he just carried on like we weren't even there. it was about 5 pm ish and its august so maybe he was just in a hurry and he thinks fall is in the air. - beside the fact it was at least 80 in the park Sunday. got to stay at a cool hotel called the grand denali lodge. that's the one high on the hill. great service great view. more photos of the weekend can be found here. ( click on the photo below)

Rafting was ok for a grade 3/ 4 river but you know me it wasn't really enough. My friend tony had never been rating before and now he really likes it. so i have passed my addiction on to someone else.
a great weekend.

August 6, 2010

The tales of a Waitress

last Monday I was waiting on these people in the restaurant, 2 parents, 2 kids ( boys) 8 and 10 maybe and grandma. I served grandma her her soup, and said "here's your soup." after i left the 2 boys started giggling, and developed a serious dose of giggles that went on for quite some time. 10 ish minutes later when i was bringing everyones dinner, the boys and parents were leaving the restaurant, I was thinking this was just a bathroom trip. But grandma explained to me that they had had such a fit of the giggles about my accent they hadn't stopped giggling.
they managed to make it back OK, but were somewhat mollified when grandma told that she had told on them. i thought it was just funny. And kinda interesting that the parents made the boys leave over a fit of giggles.

Other news of the week is that it had been 80 every day of the week since then, and humid as well. Today it rained and was only 70. I am almost ready for cooler weather. and yes it gets dark today. its actually dark at 12 30 for the first time in 3 months. do we remember what a dark sky looks like?