the ocean

the ocean
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October 29, 2009


It's done, I have just booked my tickets to go on holiday/ vacation. I am going to Charlotte to see my sister in law Kerry. we are going to Charlotte and Charleston. this will be in February.
Kerry is actually lives in Australia, and i haven't seen her in 4 years,( i think ) one of her kids I haven't seen. and this is the first vacation i have taken with someone else since i was married.

I am a happy camper there is a smile on my face.
it will be warm down there. Well compared to here.

October 27, 2009

Education of me.

Some of you may know that i have been doing some study , for the first time in 20ish years.
this autumn i have been doing accounting 101. cause its kinda similar to my work, i have been saying i was going to do this for um ....3 years.
well I started this fall and last week we had our midterms. i was very nervous. cause it s been a long time since I have done any study. you know how it goes, .. take your time and red things carefully. .... so guess what grade i got on my midterm ????
I got 100%
so I need some bragging rights.
now i need to get over this and do the next homework assignment.
In the meantime here in Fairbanks. its snowing today, about time it was kinda late. we have about 1 inch and its still snowing. Tomorrow is going to be hell.

October 23, 2009

Old Country Roses

Once again i have been online shopping. there was a new release for some bake ware from Old country roses. and we in Alaska, just got our PFD's ( permanent fund dividend.. Google it)
so in the mail today i got some more stuff. the little round one is a bit smaller than i thought. the 3 of then ran $130 with free shipping there is no gold trim but that is so they will go in the oven and maybe in the microwave. Last year i bought the vase and the t pot set. not sure what Iwill get next . i think i am nearly done with the set that i want. they had some really nice mugs but they too them of the market.
next week sometime i get to have some Pampered chief stuff arrive. just adding to my dishes so I can take it all home.

October 3, 2009

Caribou Heart

Long time ago, way back in August, a friend of mine went Caribou hunting, and remembered that I like the extra bits. So kept me the heart, we cleaned it all out. he 's a good shot -- Strait though the heart, and I stuffed it. . just the usual stuffing stuff. breadcrumbs onion celery parsley, fresh from the garden and I think some rosemary( fresh from the garden)
then with a red wine base, it was slow roasted, ( don't ask me what temperature, it was way back in August) then with some fresh broccoli i had dinner.
I grew up on this stuff , heart was always good eating.
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chena hot springs

A couple of weeks ago i got to go with a friend out to Chena Hot
Springs for a well derseved soak.
No i dont take any photos in the pool , just on the drive out, this was sept 19 it was an amazing drive , cloudy day and some rain sprinkles.
this is the only pictures you get of the fall this year, cause the leaves are now all gone.

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