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the ocean
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The comings and goings of a hard working kiwi whose just moved home

September 23, 2009

That four letter word

This is just your friendly reminder that we live in Fairbanks and that we get rapid changes in weather, this means ... hold your breath , I really don't want to say it .... snow.
It was cloudy and rainy today and then there was this white stuff falling out of the sky in flakes that sat on the car windshield. it lasted maybe 1/2 an hour , but it was the first of the season and , up at a friends place on Ballane road it stayed on the ground.
so this evening i ran around and put away the hoses and cleaned the greenhouse. I still have some arctic chard, and put the chairs away in the garage. am i ready for the colder weather. um well i only have one job so that's good. I am making good progress on the smaller house projects.
so then i turned on the heat in the house.
I will catch up on posting other stuff soon....

September 2, 2009

the windows.. the final part

Matt redid the wiring where we had had to put it out, then he made me play with insulation and cut it and breath it all in, then there was the vapor barrier , since i didn't have one before. Matt came over again last Thursday while i was at work.
we decided on some maple trim , not sure how much extra this will cost , but i think it will look nice. there is still some insulation to push into the gaps , and then i have to varnish and polish the maple , to a nice sheen , but it is an inside job and can wait till after the summer is over and i have closed down the green house. then thee is carpet, lighting and a door.
But I am really pleased with how it came out, i think it looks good.. Thanks Matt

the windows continued

This is the frame they got to put it , it was bigger that the one we had got but that was because of the different foundation walls. they did a nice job of leveling out all the dirt. i think i have the water running in the right direction, Only next spring will tell.
I ran around like crazy and got the grass planted august 1 , ( there is a reason i haven't posted in forever) . when i got the invoice for the balance of the work i noticed they had forgotten the lid. its looks dam nice and it will stop 99 % of the rain / snow from getting in and freezing next spring.
then inside took quite a bit of work as well. Matt just foamed it in to start with , then he came over and sealed it all properly, and then he gave me projects to complete. i had to cut all the insulation out and put in the Styrofoam you see shiny . all the while working m 14 hour days. yes i found time , i am not sure where.
Matt finished it off for me. Now what makes you think I know what I am doing with Sheetrock. Matt is a wonderful friend.